Special dish for up to 16 satellite positions (Ku-band)Satellite dish antenna for C-Band

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A satellite dish is a type of parabolic antenna designed with the specific purpose of transmitting signals to and/or receiving from satellites. A satellite dish is a particular type of microwave antenna. more...

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Satellite dishes come in varying sizes and designs, and are most commonly used to receive satellite television.

Modern dishes intended for home television use are generally 43 cm (18") to 80 cm (31") in diameter, and are fixed in one position, for Ku-band reception from one orbital position. Prior to the existance of Direct broadcast satellite services, home users would generally have a motorised C-band satellite dish of up to 3 metres in diameter for reception of channels from different satellites. Overly small dishes can still cause problems, however, including rain fade

Motorised satellite dishes are still popular with enthusiasts, and three competing standards, which are often all supported by a set-top box, DiSEqC, USALS, and 36v Positioners.

A common misconception is that the LNBF (low-noise block/feedhorn), the device at the front of the dish, receives the signal directly from the atmosphere. See, for instance, this BBC News 24 countdown that shows a "red data stream" being received by the LNBF directly instead of being beamed to the dish, which because of its parabolic shape will collect the signal into a smaller area and deliver it to the LNBF.

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