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LCD Flat-Panel TVs

Liquid crystal display television (LCD TV) is, as indicated by its name, a television using LCD technology (generally TFT), as opposed to cathode ray or plasma for its visual output. more...

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Early LCD panel television had some difficulties displaying fast-moving action and had quite restricted viewing angles. These problems have largely been overcome in recent years, and the market for LCD televisions is booming, especially in Asia. For a long time it was widely believed that LCD technology was suited only to smaller sized televisions, and could not compete with plasma technology at larger sizes. This belief has been undermined by the announcements of ever-larger panels by companies such as Sharp Corporation, Samsung and LG.Philips. In October 2004, 40" to 45" televisions were widely available and Sharp Corporation had announced the successful manufacture of a 65" panel. Also in 2004, Samsung and Sony joined forces to build a factory in South Korea, intended to produce 60,000 panels a month, and in March 2005, Samsung announced an 82" HDTV TFT Panel. The main manufacturers have all pledged to invest billions of dollars in LCD production over the next few years, with televisions expected to be a key market.

About market share or other market data, please refer to iSuppli or Display Bank's reports.


  • Diagonal size: inches
  • Contrast ratio.
  • Degree viewing angle (horizontal/vertical): e.g.. 170/170, ....
  • Luminance: cd/m².
  • Response time.
  • Dot pitch
  • Max. resolution and color depth (e.g.. 24-bit : 16.7 M Colors)
  • Digital Video Input Standard : DVI-I.
  • Mount bracket: VESA

Universal capabilities

Modern LCD TV sets are geographically universal because they have a multisystem tuner, to display PAL, NTSC and SECAM norms. And they include an electronic (step-down & step-up) transformer that automatically can use 110/200 V AC indifferently and universal grounded adapter plugs.

Also, the vast majority are no longer just for TV and HDTV (DVB). They can also be used as a computer monitor with a VGA/DVI signal, although resolution support can vary widely.

Wireless AV kit (SmartLink)

Some newer LCD TV sets can connect to a host computer via a bluetooth or WiFi wireless link. See SmartLink, Streamium.

Teletext and Electronic Programme Guide

They generally include teletext and NexTView for EPG.

Developments in LCD televisions

TVs based on PVA and S-PVA LCD panels deliver quite good angle of view. They also deliver an adequate contrast ratio for viewing bright scenes; and also dark scenes in bright room. Dynamic contrast technique improves contrast when viewing dark scenes in a dark room. Alternatively, a TV from a creative electronics manufacturer will throw some light on the wall behind it to help make dark scenes look darker.


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